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African Maritime Security Challenges PDF

African Maritime Security Challenges PDF

Navies versus Coast Guards: Defining the Roles of African Maritime Security Forces

By Augustus Vogel.

Download the Navy vs Coast guard security roles PDF by clicking on the image link below.

Original Source of PDF is here | Africa center for Strategic Studies
PDF African Maritime - Navy - Coast guard security challenges

Africa’s Maritime Security and Coast Guard Operation Challenges Excerpt

Africa is confronted with a variety of maritime security challenges, many of which require “coast guard” operations. These challenges are growing exponentially and, if left unchecked, could cripple Africa’s recent development progress and movement toward democracy. They also threaten to exacerbate the level of instability that exists on the continent. Too often, Africa’s maritime security forces are not optimally positioned to meet these challenges.

A disconnect between how these organizations identify themselves and the missions they face indicates that African states need to better align their national maritime security plans, partnerships, and assets. International partners, meanwhile, must calibrate their support accordingly. If African states can better align their maritime security capacities to their challenges, then Nigerian trawlers will have someone they can radio the next time they are faced with armed robbery at sea. In the process, Africa’s 26,000 kilometers of coastline can again be a source of prosperity rather than vulnerability.

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