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Homeland Security – Military Patrol Vessel – Search and Rescue – Law Enforcement Boats for Sale

Homeland Security – Military Patrol Vessel – Search and Rescue – Law Enforcement Boats for Sale

“Okyalos” Security Boat is for Sale by the Boat’s Builder. Email us to inquire for a purchase and learn more about this vessel on We will assist you ASAP.

About Okyalos: Aluminum Homeland Safety / Security – Military – Patrol – Search and Rescue – Emergency Management – Law Enforcement Boats for sale – Video

To find military, patrol, law enforcement boats for sale for National & Homeland Security/Safety, you can research various places. However, you would also find out that majority of them do not seem to match up to your requirements. Hence, in that case, you could think about going for OKYALOS. The word, being derived from Greek mythology, refers to one that would move rapidly on the water. On the other hand, according to various sources, it was also said that OKYALOS was the name of the battle ship of Odysseus. So, as you could see, this would be a military patrol boat that would greatly benefit you.


Our partnering group is proud to announce that they would be incorporating OKYALOS to their product portfolio. Considered to be a state of the art, unique, rigid, monohull boat – it is no wonder why it is being so widely preferred by all the naval institutions out there. Consisting of 15m in length, you would find it to be quite suitable to satisfy innumerable missions and applications. In addition, it would be able to perform at the maximum speed of 50 to 55kts with maneuverability and stability of exceptional quality.

So, as it would be quite apparent now, this would be a vessel that would be capable of operating both within open and closed seas, regardless of the weather conditions. This would be something which would be quite beneficial for National & Homeland Security/Safety since they would need to go through numerous occasions just to keep their country safe from any sort of harm.

Applications of OKYALOS military and patrolling fighter vessel

• Sea border patrolling and surveillance
• Sea areas and broad land surveillance
• Monitoring of physical disasters
Search and rescue operations support
• Inspection of critical infrastructure
Law enforcement and anti-terrorist operations support
• Scientific research
• Communications relaying

Why go for this aluminum military patrol . emergency management / law enforcement / search & rescue boat?

Despite there being tons of options for military boats for National & Homeland Security/Safety, there are reasons for why aluminum boats seem to be the more preferred option. Some of these are as follows:

Life limit

a. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion
b. Absolutely low cost in terms of maintenance. This is because changing the sacrificial anodes and checking the condition on a regular basis, the structure could be prevented from the corrosive environment.
c. Estimated to have a life span of more than thirty years.

Weight fuel speed

a. Low density of aluminum, which would then be combined with toughness, high strength, and corrosion resistance, would allow it to achieve weight savings of almost 20-30%.
b. Thanks to weight savings, less fuel consumption and higher speed could be enjoyed.

Exposure to sun

a. Aluminum would not be affected by UV radiation.

Comparative advantages of OKYALOS from the other military patrol security boats for sale

For National & Homeland Security/Safety, some of the reasons why OKYALOS is considered to be better than the other boats are:

• This vessel has been manufactured with top quality aluminum – something which is used worldwide in shipbuilding
• Has been classified by Bureau Veritas
• Ability for customization which would allow for quick and uncomplicated changing of purpose and equipment
• Inboard engines which would lead to lower maintenance cost and greater horsepower
• Quick and easy inspection of impending problems and damage repair.

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