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Aluminum Coastguard Patrol River – Maritime Security Response Team Fighter Vessel

Aluminum Coastguard Patrol River – Maritime Security Response Team Fighter Vessel

“Okyalos” Security Boat is for Sale by the Manufacturer. Email us to inquire for a purchase and learn more about this vessel on We will assist you ASAP.

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Homeland/National Security/Anti-Smuggling/Anti-Terrorism USES

For National & Homeland Security/Safety, their naval fleet seems to be given the highest level of importance. Since so much of it seems to depend on water, they would need to make sure that they are indeed adequately prepared to take on whatever threat that comes their way. This would also involve making sure that only the best and top of the line vessels would be bought.

Search and Rescue – Law  Enforcement Vessel – Navy river patrol boats for sale

Now, when it comes to getting something for special operations forces, you might find tons of options to be presented in front of you. Even though all of them might seem to be fit for the purpose, you would find that one of them seems to stand out from the rest. That would be the OKYALOS Closed 10. Derived from a Greek word which seems to mean “the one who can travel at high speed on the water”, it definitely would not disappoint you.

In simple words, OKYALOS is referred to a fighter aggressive aluminum high speed and multi-purpose vessel which you would find capable of operating in both the open and closed sea. In addition, you would be able to operate this both during the day and night and in any sort of weather condition. Its customized capabilities and advanced characteristics would enable it to adjust with great flexibility and easily. In addition, all of this could also be done in the most cost-effective manner. Also, you would be happy to find out that its agility could be applied to a wide variety of applications and operational cases.

In terms of the monitoring, extended surveillance, and control capabilities, these would be provided by the sub-systems and modular payloads. Amongst them, the other things which would be included are:

  • On-board integrated electronic sensor platforms which would comprise of radar, Electro-optical/Infrared and communications systems
  • Unmanned aerial and surface vehicles which would be capable to carry a wide variety of embedded sensors.

All of these could be easily customized for each case requirement and specific mission for National & Homeland Security/Safety. This is because the threats seem to differ in varying degrees. So it would be quite foolish to assume that one vessel would be able to fit all situations. However, with the help of this vessel, it would also reduce the cost of buying out different kinds of vessels. This would be thanks to its customization flexibility and freedom.


This vessel would be applicable for the following situations in special operations forces:

  • Patrolling and surveillance of sea border
  • Surveillance of sea areas and wide land
  • Maritime and coastal security enforcement
  • Surveillance of critical infrastructure, which would include undersea telecommunications and energy cables and facilities, other ports, undersea oil and natural gas pipelines, and oil rigs
  • Monitoring for impending physical disasters
  • Emergency management/First responders
  • Search and rescue operations support
  • Surveillance of sea traffic
  • Anti-terrorist and law enforcement operations support
  • Anti-smuggling surveillance
  • Monitoring of natural resources
  • Scientific research
  • Natural disasters and damages assessment
  • Rapid personnel evacuation missions/Emergency personal response
  • Force/Convoy protection
  • Electronic warfare
  • Communications relaying

Basic technical characteristics

  • Overall length – 15m
  • Boat length – 13.25m
  • Length water line – 12.13m
  • Overall width – 3.99m
  • Breadth – 3.16m
  • Draught – 0.76m
  • Weight – 11,000kg
  • Maximum fuel capacity – 2,000 liters
  • Maximum crew and passenger capacity – 12


  • Maximum cruising speed – 50 to 55 knots
  • Operational speed – 45 to 49.5 knots
  • Range (for operational speed) – 300 nm

Why go for aluminum boats

Coastguard Maritime Security River Patrol - Response Team Boat for Sale - National Homeland Safety

In the case of National & Homeland Security/Safety, they would need to justify, not only to themselves, but to the authority members about why they would be going for this purchase decision. Since all of this would need to be done within a specific budget, it needs to be made sure that they are indeed making the right decision.

Therefore, there are several reasons for why aluminum boats are preferred over the vessels which seem to be made from other materials. Some of the most important points for justification are as follows:

Life limit

  1. Resistant to corrosion
  2. Low maintenance cost. This is because by changing the sacrificial anodes and checking the current condition of the boat, it would be possible to prevent the vessel from corrosion
  3. The naval alloys 5000 and 6000 series which are popularly known for their corrosion resistance, high strength, and good elasticity
  4. An aluminum boat is estimated to last around 30 years

Weight fuel speed

  1. The low density of aluminum, which would be combined with toughness, high strength, and corrosion resistance, would be successful in bringing down the weight of the boat by almost 20-30%. This is something which would be quite beneficial for special operations forces
  2. Savings in weight would result in less fuel consumption and higher speed


  1. GRP material is extremely brittle while at the same time aluminum is known to have considerable ductility
  2. During situations of strong impacts, the GRP might face certain cracks. At the same time, the aluminum would be able to support the load of impact without having to sustain considerable and long-lasting damage

Exposure to sun

Aluminum has been found to not be affected by UV radiation. On the other hand, GRP ages over time which would add more to its brittleness. So, the higher the brittleness, the higher the possibility of cracking in case of impacts.

Comparative advantages of OKYALOS

Lastly, some of the benefits of choosing OKYALOS Closed 10 over the other military boats for sale would be discussed, in the context of National & Homeland Security/Safety.

  1. This vessel has been manufactured by the highest quality of aluminum – the same one which seems to be used worldwide for shipbuilding
  2. Fine quality design and shipbuilding done by some of the most renowned technology-artists engineers
  3. Ability for customization which allows it to become more flexible without having to incur an increase in cost and hassle for maintenance
  4. Lifespan of almost 30 years
  5. Bulkheads that would help to mitigate the possibility of sinking
  6. Optimal selection of thrust system which has been adapted from racing crafts
  7. Manufactured in Europe. So, you can see that quality would not be compromised under any circumstances.

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