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Navy Ship for Sale Made of Shipbuilding Aluminum

Navy Ship for Sale Made of Shipbuilding Aluminum

“Okyalos” Security Boat is for Sale by the boat’s builder. Email us to inquire for a purchase and learn more about this vessel on We will assist you ASAP.

Navy fighter ships – patrol boats for sale made from aluminium

If you are looking for navy ships for sale, which could be used for the purpose of National & Homeland Security/Safety, then you have come to just the right place. OKYALOS Closed 10, derived from a Greek word, which means the one who could travel through water at high speed. Hence, you would soon come to find out that it definitely lives up to its name.

Termed to be a fighter aggressive high speed and multi-purpose vessel, it has been found to be capable of operating both in open and closed sea. In addition, you would also be happy to know that you would be able to operate this vessel in even the toughest weather conditions, both during the day and night. So no matter how tough the going gets, you would be able to move forward. In addition, its customization capabilities and advanced techniques allows it to adjust cost-effectively, easily, and with great flexibility. Its agility would also allow you to put it to use to a vast variety of applications and operational cases.

In terms of the monitoring, surveillance, and control capabilities for National & Homeland Security/ Safety, all of it could easily be controlled with the help of sub-systems and modular payloads.

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Amongst them, some of it includes:

• An on-board electronic sensor platforms which have been fully integrated with Electro-optical/Infrared, and radar communication systems
• Unmanned surface and aerial vehicles which would be capable to carry a wide variety of embedded sensors.

In addition, one of the most amazing things of OKYALOS Closed 10 would be that this ship could easily be customized for each case requirements or specific mission.

Basic technical characteristics of aluminum navy ship for sale

Some of the basic technical applications of this vessel are as follows:

• Weight – 11,000 kg
• Maximum capacity for fuel – 2,000 liters
• Maximum crew and passengers – 12
• “Ermioni vs Mil” shock absorbing seats
• Aluminum fuel tanks which would be easily removable and installed separately
• 5 compartments completely watertight

Operational features


Aside from the telecommunications equipment and standard navigation, you would find that OKYALOS Closed 10 could be easily customized according to customer requirements. So, if there would be some additional things that you would like to include or take out a couple of the features, you would easily be able to do that.
You would also be able to get different on-board sensor systems, both for the day and night. Also, thanks to the diverse RF communications subsystems, you would be able to get wireless connectivity resilience.


For National & Homeland Security/Safety, protection of their country along with their members seems to be the top priority. Hence, special armament and armor could also be installed on-board to enable to conduct armed defense and security operations at sea. Regarding the placement of special armor, it would be fitted with various metallic-based and Kevlar equipment.

Hence, you would find this navy ship to be a good investment for your existing fleet. In addition to protecting both the open and closed sea, this ship would also allow you to be on the lookout for terrorists. Also, thanks to the high-tech surveillance features that it has to offer, it would not be something that you would regret.

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