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There’s an Application Form at the Bottom of this Page

There’s an Application Form at the Bottom of this Page

Estimated Selling Price for each basic vessel platform ~ €1-1.5M 

Do you have a large network and sales experience (or alternatively; are you able to Generate qualified Leads who carry the potential of becoming paying customers for this vessel) in the following industries? > Navy – Military – Homeland – Maritime – River Patrol – Coast Guard – Law Enforcement – Search & Rescue, Convoy Protection – Emergency Management – Special Forces & Operations etc? The Boat’s builder offers a strict affiliate partnership opportunity for relevant industries sales professionals. If you are certain of your Sales & Networking skills (or your online marketing qualified Lead generation skills) and you aspire to add an extra profit stream to your already successful income generating activities by using your skills, you may apply here on this page to join our affiliate Sales partners global team. At the bottom of this page, simply fill in the form with the required information and your application will be reviewed. If you are eligible to work with us, we will get back to you to arrange an online meeting for further discussions. Please Note: this is a very strict high ticket B2B affilate sales program and only the best sales and networking professionals will end up signing a contract with the owner. Not all applications will be answered.

Watch the platform military boat/vessel in action next. This is the high-ticket product that you will be selling and from which you are going to receive commission based rewards for each sale you achieve.

Are you good in Commission Based sales and particularly in the vessel sales industry? Or, are you able to generate qualified leads who carry the potential of becoming paying customers for this boat?

The estimated selling price for every vessel is ~ 1-1.5M euros.

The builder is offering a (commision based for each successful sale you bring to the company) lucrative compensation plan for the B2B global sales partners, who will manage to get a contract with them.

This military’s boat builder is looking for experienced sales professionals with strong sales skills and relevant super targeted network of potantial buyers for this boat in the following industries:

  1. national and homeland security
  2. marine & maritime security
  3. coast guard security
  4. naval security
  5. patrol
  6. military patrol
  7. river patrol security
  8. law enforcement
  9. search and rescue
  10. special teams transportation
  11. convoy protection
  12. natural disaster monitoring
  13. emergency management
  14. first responders
  15. special forces and special operations
  16. electronic warfare
  17. electronic intelligence
  18. communications relaying and more.

Apply Online Below and Claim Your Spot on the Highest Paying Commission per Sale Affiliate B2B Corporate Program Internationally

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